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  • Geoffrey Baris

The Crowd Watches as MOMMA HITS HER GROOVE

This art photography image diptych is titled “The Crowd Watches As Big Mama Shakes And Hits Her Groove” It’s from my water reflections called On The Surface which is on my website www.geoffreybaris It was shot on Lake Union in Seattle, WA. It is a reflection of a boat. Another artist friend suggested I give my images a title that tells a story so these two look like a bunch of people watching while a big mama shakes her stuff. The wiggly look of the images reminds me of people dancing. Except for adding contrast or lightning or darkening these haven’t been altered and are shown as shot. Very often with my water images I accused of altering them in photoshop. It’s just I have a way of finding images in the real world that people don’t see so they assume I must have altered them.

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