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  • Geoffrey Baris


This art photography image is call “Witch Walk” It’s part of the series On The Surface which is on my website My water reflection images are sometimes shot from docks or my little boat which I look for interesting reflections. When I find shapes or colors I like being reflected in the water I may shoot 50-100 images while the water and wind continue to change the shape of the reflection. Sometimes I circle my boat or rock it to shake up the water to change up the reflection. I later in the editing process find interesting shapes and forms and sometimes faces and figures. I don’t change the colors but will sometimes make them darker or lighter and more or less contrast. I have found, as the famous Dr Emoto has found with water crystals that the water seems to hold the energy of it’s surroundings. Very often in Mountain streams I find figures or faces that are primal and wild and in cites will find images reflective of the population around it. I’m clear that the water does hold energy and the photo process is a way to see it.

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